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Today, the history of mobile phones, which are part of our life as electricity, water and natural gas is based on the 1990s. The first mobile phone models were only allowing voice call and written messages. The attachment of the calculator, calendar and game features on their mobile phones were characterized as ‘revolution’. It was an important milestone to connect to the internet from their mobile phones in the 2000s.

The inventor of the mobile phone is known as John Francis Mitchell and Martin Cooper. Martin Cooper, who develops the first mobile phone in 1973 while working as Engineer in Motorola, said, “The first mobile phones were heavy in a kilo, the battery did not last for more than 20 minutes, but these phones were fine in terms of being kept for a long time.”

Turkey, thanks to the car phone in 1991, he met with 1G technology. Then internet has entered our lives in 1993. The 2G technology, which provides the facilities such as interview, SMS and data transfer, 2G technology was used in 1994.

The first mobile phone call was held February 23, 1994 in Turkey. The first GSM operator was Turkcell which started to serve in the frequency of 900 MHz in the same year. TURKCELL has followed the Telsim that started the service two months later.

In those years, they were unable to offer a service other than to make a telephone conversation and just to make the phone call on the GSM operators that take great city centers in the coverage area, the prices were supposed to get their mobile phones in the $ 1000-2000 dollars.

In Turkey, the first pocket ‘Alone’, February 23, 1994 period, with the prime minister on Wednesday 9th President Suleyman Demirel and Tansu Ciller took place between. The mobile phone in Demirel was up to today’s radio home phones.

For many years, Turkey using 2G technology, the mobile 3g passed in 2009. Then in April 1, 2016 was also switched to 4.5G.

All damages of their mobile phones could not be examined extensively. A longer time period is needed to examine more detailed effects of all damages and people.

According to the results of a 2-year experiment with human cells and live mice in Finland, the mobile phones damage the blood barriers that prevent harmful substances from entering the brain by blood. The shrinking barriers cannot fully fulfill the duties of the harmful molecules reaching the brain.

If the use of a research at Selçuk University, the use of mobile phone increases the risk of formation of diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson.

The most comprehensive study, which investigates the relationship between mobile phone and cancer, was held in Denmark. There were more than 10 years, there are 420 thousand people who use mobile phones in this study, there was no connection between the mobile phone and no cancer type.

In most of this, a finding of the mobile phone has increased the risk of cancer. In several research, the brain cancer has been achieved that the risk of cancer development on the side used on the side of the mobile phone. However, it was observed that the risk of cancer development in the other half of the same person’s brain.

However, because many of the types of cancer types in the body last for more than 10 years, the carcinogenic effect of wireless phones are required to be fully examined in people in people and the subjects need to be anyone who use wireless phones in this period of time.

Professor Kjell Hansson Mild of Switzerland from Orebro University, many official reports have found that there is very strange that wireless phones are harmless, has been found that more than 10 years of wireless telephone use is found to have strong findings showing changes in the body.

The long time use of visual elements such as game, SMS may cause eye tiring and headaches. Similarly, the use of voice items in the high setting and especially the headset can cause temporary and permanent hearing losses and headaches.

According to a research in the UK, the use of mobile phone is reduced by 30 percent. This effect is more than the effect of the maximum amount of alcohol permitted by the law. The use of mobile phone in many countries is prohibited by the use of mobile phone. The use of ‘hands-free’ (English: Hands-free) is trying to be banned in the laws.

Although it is not possible to remove completely away from mobile phones, it can be minimized with simple measures. When using the vehicle, the use of mobile phone should be avoided, it should not be used in the high sound setting and long time, not used by pregnant ladies and children unless it is very necessary.

According to the results of a study in Selçuk University, approximately 80 percent of the headphones and microphone sets appeared to be observed that problems caused by the mobile phone. If there is no other result, the device cannot be taken from the phone, the device is more sieve than