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The defects of people responsible for the actions of the operators are also considered to be their defect. If a legal entity is in the operating position, MK from the flaws of the vehicle driver. The legal person is held responsible for M. 48/2. The harm of the article may be born from the damage or disappearance of the operators of the operators.

If both of the operators are defective, they fold in the ratio of the imperfections. If one of the operators is defective and the other is impeccable, in this case the entire defective operating damage is obliged to compensation. If none of the operators are defective, in this case, each operating its own damage will be folded. In damage to the article, it cannot be applied to the control of the compensation by taking into account the operating hazards.

It is possible for multiple operations to be obliged to compensate against the damaged operation. In such a case, the operators are responsible for the damage to the damaged operation. However, they must have losses with imperfections to be kept meterally responsible for compensation. One of the operators is not defective or KTK m. In accordance with 86, it will not be concentrated in this case in this case.

KTK. m. In accordance with 88/1, “In an accident that a motor vehicle participates in an accident, if more than one person is obliged to compensation, they are responsible for compensation, if a third person has been involved. The application area of ​​the item also covers other damage that is outside the operating, not solo operators. Therefore, one of the damages operating the other is pedestrian, animal etc. could be. In this respect, it may not be operating the entire serial responsible responsible.

Should be a third person damaged here. Must be responsible for any damage to the event that causes damage to the damage. Therefore ktk m. In accordance with 86/1, it does not enter a responsible operating-in-operating-innable resealers. In addition, if one of the damages is injured from a compensation due to a discount due to a discount, in this case it is serenically responsible for the download.

As stated in the article, if the defect of the damage is present, it can discount off the dominant compensation. The defect of the damage is slightly flaw. The operating damage is obliged to prove that the imperfection is found. If this defect is to cut the bind of discord, it will be recovered from responsibility that operates in this case. In another aspect, the judge is only given a discount authorization from compensation. No matter how heavier the defect of the damage is, the dominant compensation demand (as in BK.M. 44) does not have rejection authority. Another issue is that the operation is not authorized to download from compensation based on the defect of the third person.

KTK. m. In accordance with 109, demands related to the compensation of the material damages arising from motor vehicle accidents, the damage, harm, damage and compensation obligations, and both years and I probally suffer from the accident day in ten years.

If the case is born from a verb that requires the sentence and the criminal code has foreseen a longer reception period for this verb, this time applies to the demands of financial compensation “.

With this provision of KTK, the systematics of the law is also provided timeion time for the demands of financial compensation in accordance with the systematics. Because the spiritual compensation demands KTK m. Subject to general provisions in accordance with 90. For the demands of spiritual compensation, BK.M. 1 and 10 years of periods in 60/1 will be taken into account.

KTK 109/2. The penult to the substance is applied to the persons responsible for both legenely and penis of the verb. The penalty time period is not applied to the people who are responsible for solo, are applied in the first paragraph of the substance about these people.

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