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If the key does not receive the Kavy, Davy Jones has decided to give Will instead of its soul. Thanks to his father, he begins to search Elizabeth de Will. She finds Jack and learns from him that Will gets a captive to Flying Dutch. Jack will know a way to save Will. He gives the compass to Elizabeth and asks Davy Jones to focus on finding the dead man’s Chest. However, Will Will be free if he has no hearts. And of course, more importantly, this is the only way to get Jack’s Davy Jones to save the legendary monster from Kraken.

At the end of the second film, Jack swallowed with the ship by Kraken, the end of the Earth remained in a place called the end of the Earth. Neither dead nor alive. Moreover, he lost his mind balance a little more and dreams. On the other hand, Lord Beckett has taken the hands of all the rights of everyone who helps and all the rights of everyone who helped them and started bulk execution, also the heart of Davy Jones in Beckett’s elder. The Flying Dutch and Kraken are under his control. Pirate Lords are required to collect. Jack is still Lord as he doesn’t have his own octal actions to anyone.

After all, Barbossa for nine octal and black pearls, will take the black pearl and recover his father from the Dutch flying, but for the Earth’s End to the Earth due to the conscience that Elizabeth Pirates suffered because Jack caused the death of Jack. Once they found Jack, Jack would think of one of his dreams first, then he agrees to take them all on his ship. When they return to Earth again, Barbossa and others persuade Jack as one of the Lords to agree to fight. If Jack is opposite before it is not easy to escape this time.

Tim Powers’s on Stranger Tides are adapted from the novel. Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hector Barbossa will compete with each other to find the youth spray this time. But this is not very easy to make it easy. They will resort to the roads that we cannot predict the challenges to overcome the challenges, but they will decide to move on to this road, but they will decide to move on this road. Since Barbossa receives his vessel, he took killing Karasakal and lasts poison to his sword. In the Youth Pınar, the Spaniards who want to be destroyed of the Pınar, the war begins between the British Royal Navy and the Blackanless. Meanwhile, Barbossa wounds and poisoned in Karbossa with his sword. While she wants to remove the sword, his daughter cuts his hand and it is poisoned. Jack is a potion from youth Pınar without any time on a potion and Karasakal to the Karasak and the other as well as life is the field of life and wants to save his daughter. Drink a life-giving goblet instead of recovering the carasaceous girl. But Jack realizes the goblets and actually the woman of Karasakal is a life space. Karasakal’s years go to his daughter and destroys Pınar Karasakal.

When Barbossa is dead, it takes the Karasakal’s sword, the captain of the vessel will be the captain and return to the piracy. Jack Sparow also takes the daughter of Karasakal to a island and gets away from there.

Describes the confrontation of a foe from Jack’s past. Most years ago, he swore the seas to clean the seas, the Spanish officer El Matador del Mar (Matadoror of the Seas) Kaptan Armando Salazar Seas. challenged him to follow their ships. Jack dragged him a game and dragged it to the triangle of the devil and there was jailed there. Salazar swears to return to the revenge. Karasakal still has not yet been able to release the black pearl in the bottle.Jack’s crew is no longer relying on Jack and leaving Jacks. As in the captain half overwhelm, he changed its compass against a bottle of ROM and betrayed the compass. Captain Salazar’s free mold is pursuant to the component. In the pursuit of the speech. Breaks the bottle by breaking the black pear”y releases. He gives him to Jack to Jack.Henry crushing her spear