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today I have a little freebie for you. Do you need something to do with the children ?! We play garden bingo quite often during these holidays. Garden bingo – what is it ?! One of our favorite games. On a sheet of paper we have 5 columns and 5 lines in which we enter different terms. Always something different. At the moment it’s more the summer finds that are collected in the garden.

In the team with one parent we stroll through the garden and we find things like flowers, stones, herbs etc. And whoever has a row full first, calls bingo and is the winner! Of course, older children can do this without their parents. But ours can’t read yet. It is therefore a highlight for the girls to play together. At the same time, they learn a lot about their environment and the garden and nature. I like that.

There are so many things that you can write on the bingo field – depending on the circumstances. We have rose hips, acorns, different flowers, different leaves, daisies, dandelions, stones, sticks, blades of grass, pine cones, feathers, snail shells, branches, chestnuts, nuts, shamrocks, sand, earth, moss, tree bark, herbs etc. on it . Of course, this can also be played as forest or beach bingo or, or, or.