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The best known is a full line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), but there are many more, as you can see from the following examples.

This sign is one of the simplest because it requires the least numbers. The very easy tilde symbol ensures you an additional profit, of course if the respective bingo rules contain this combination.

The second possible winning combination is the explosion. This requires the middle 5 fields and the corners of your ticket, which makes a total of 9 fields to mark. For a successful combination you will win cash or material prizes.

At the corner you have to tick all fields that are separated from the rest of the ticket by a diagonal. Depending on the rules, this can be any corner or a specific corner. So always look at the bingo game instructions.

The hangman is the combination of the well-known hangman. Since more fields are required for this than for all other images, it will only be possible to complete it very late. This combination requires 15 fields.

Another popular winning combination is the letter A. With 10 spaces required, it is one of the most difficult symbols to achieve, but not as difficult as the hangman combination, which requires a full 15 spaces.

If you even manage the full house under a certain number of numbers drawn, there is usually a handsome jackpot that will be remembered for a long time. Now take part in the bingo games and create all the fields for a big jackpot.

80 Ball Bingo is mainly played online and the instructions for this variant of the game are very simple. The ticket consists of a 4 × 4 pattern and only 20 numbers can appear in each column. For a better overview, the balls for the individual columns have also been color-coded:

In this game, too, the aim is to mark the entire bingo card first using the winning numbers. But there are also some winning combinations which, depending on the bingo rules, allow you to win additional profits.

Only four winning numbers have to be marked for the four corners, but since there are a total of 80 balls, reaching this combination can take a while. But only ambitious and patient people win.

With the big X you only have to complete the two diagonals to get the corresponding additional price. That means you only need to mark 8 fields so that you can receive extra winnings in this round.

If you manage to tick all the numbers within the first 33 balls drawn, you will win 50% of the jackpot and, depending on the number of tickets you bought, up to another 50%. So don’t waste any time and grab the next jackpot now.