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With LottoStar24 you don’t pay a sham fee. With your lottery ticket you can of course also take part in the additional lotteries Spiel 77 (€ 2.50 per drawing) and Super 6 (€ 1.25 per drawing). The additional lotteries at LOTTO are based on the ticket number and can bring you additional profits. Read on to find out more about the gameplay of these additional games and lottery online, your chances of winning and the winnings.

Register for free at LottoStar24 or log in with your login details if you already have a player account. Then call up the virtual LOTTO ticket on this page.

Fill in at least one tip field completely by selecting 6 lottery numbers or by having the system generate them at random. Confirm the purchase of your lottery ticket by clicking on the “Submit your ticket” button.

Now log into the player account, select the payment method and then click on “Order for a fee”. Your ticket has now been submitted for the selected drawing. After the lottery has been drawn, you will be informed of the result of your pick by email.

The rules and principles of LOTTO 6 out of 49 online are well known in the lottery world. First you have to register with LottoStar24, provide your details and be at least 18 years old. This is necessary so that your lottery winnings can be paid out to your player account should you hit the jackpot or one of the lower prizes.