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“King of Comedy” held only a week in vision. The long story short was my movies that have been vision in the vision for less than four weeks. Netflix is ​​three-four weeks in advance of the vision in advance and promised to keep it in the vision after it put it in digital.

– I want to explain the story visually clean, clearly without escaping the oversight. In other words, I wanted to discard the excess and tell the film like novel. The cinema did not have to be obliged to have 2-2 and a half hours. Anyways! Now let’s come to the topic; “Movie must be followed in the cinema” … This project was to make my priority film. We are experiencing revolution in the cinema. Making a movie now, there are more opportunities to tell the story, there are more ways. Cinema is a visual art. Different form of young people different. They go into a different world by pressing a single button. I don’t belong to that world. I don’t want to be close to that world.

The definition of the cinema changes. Some things are also shocking me. Now the film is drawn on the phone and we cannot resist this new form.

. While the cinema is redefined, “Marvel movies are not a cinema,” you have fired the roke of a new discussion. Why did you make such a comment?

– The cinema was created in this country (America) and at the same time in France. The cinema is undisputed is one of the most awesome, most wonderful, unusual art branches. From the beginning, the world has changed, communication changed, art has changed. Superhero movies have been over the past few years to increase and take the cinema experience. Do you think we have room in movies to our movies to the movies that tell me the movies?

– Yes! I didn’t say superhero movies bad. Yes, amused movies. Yes movies that attract the audience. Yes movies that fill the movie theaters. Halls also have to make money. I understand!

“Singing in the Rain” real cinema. Cinema in “Moonlight” a few years ago. Do you want to make a superhero movie? Do! Have a nice trip. May the biggest bottlies do. But please don’t say “the biggest opening of the cinema history” for those movies.

They can make the biggest opening at the box office but not on the history of the cinema. These two separate things. For this reason, the work has turned to the vision of a superhero film in two months. So art?

When I say art “Oh old man at work, what will our kids watch in the cinema!” they say. Hitchcock movies were box office films in my childhood. I remember watching the “Psycho” on the third day of the opening at the Demille Cinema in New York. It was a gorgeous experience. Now … What is the difference between Hitchcock movies and superhero films?

– 10 years later, you learn something new every time you watch the Hitchcock movie 10 years later. You connect with yourself. Because those movies describe our weak sides, our weaknesses, madities, failures, our dilemmas, spiritual conflicts. Only the good guy doesn’t kill the bad man and save the world.

I repeat; Superhero movies can be done very well. But they need our stories to understand young people, human and life experience.